• Simon Harris

Conscious and unconscious bias about gender and age when recruiting is very real!

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One of the key questions posed was - given we will be transitioning in a virtual environment for some time, what do you think are the opportunities for senior executives with exceptional skills who are currently being (allegedly) disregarded even for lower level roles in a face to face environment?

And the answer - the paradigms of work are shifting, without a doubt however it is very early to say what exactly will stay and what will change.  In theory there may be more challenges for remote workers around unconscious/ conscious bias as people may not be able to develop deeper rapport due to a lack of face to face engagement.  On the flip side, yes, it may work in favour of people who usually are affected by bias negatively to have a better chance of gaining employment.  Talent in different areas will be needed and it may not be available from the usual groups.  Subsequently, due to flexible working, the talent pool will widen and hiring managers and recruitment managers will need to see candidates in a new light.