How to improve workplace organisation?

  • Engage your people and gain their buy in

  • Create a workplace team to act as a conduit for communication

  • Communicate clearly using simple language

  • Make current organisational initiatives visible and accessible to all employees

  • Remove internal roadblocks and simplify the path to change

  • Be strategic in the way you use training and development

  • Always look for operational efficiencies

  • Use technology to support human interactions

What is meant by workplace organisation?

  • It is the organisation of both the physical and digital space within your workplace

  • It is the building blocks for operational efficiencies

  • It reduces stress, delivers efficiencies and saves time

  • It establishes structure

  • It enables employees to accomplish more

  • It focuses on what is important

What is a workplace organisation audit?

  • It is a strategic review of an organisation’s policies, practices and procedures across all lines of their business

Workplace organisation examples.

  • Policies in place that improve efficiency

  • Standardised procedures so that employees are on the same page

  • Delegating tasks to individual or teams who have the correct skill sets

  • Decisions are made quickly based on set criteria

  • Stick to deadlines

  • Organise physical space to ensure it is fit for purpose