Business Meeting

'ODM delivers business expertise that

transforms service delivery and improves organisational efficiencies'


We create operating models that are fit for purpose and deliver exceptional client-centric hospitality experiences across front of house, catering and space management operations. We assist to create moments within working environments that are curated providing a functional and agile environment at the same time as creating an inspiring playground for work. We provide strategy for community engagement and creation of strong, viable networks that support the needs of our clients.

Renovated Office


We offer training and development programs, leadership, and mentoring that deliver best in class operations.

We believe that the engagement and retention of great people are key to any business succeeding no matter how big or small. We develop bespoke service standards, operating guidelines and ways of working that offer a foundation for the delivery of consistently exceptional client experiences that meet the needs of individual clients and are always fit for purpose

Open Workspace


We create whole being initiatives aimed at creating happier and more productive working environments and true employee-centric workplaces.

We create strategy around employee engagement with a proven track record of delivering positive results. We can deliver Wellness initiatives in both the physical and financial arenas. We have a wide-ranging education program that breaks the mold and delivers training modules that cover all facets of organisational change, communication, service delivery, and leadership.